ZTE Axon Mini Premium Edition Review

Test Conclusion: What to know

The lightweight and handy ZTE Axon Mini Premium Edition offers plenty of good technique for a mid-range smartphone. The very sharp and bright display perceives different levels of pressure, the fingerprint sensor is fast and reliable, the processor provides a liquid operating tempo. Disappointing, however, is the slow and cumbersome iris scanner and the permanently installed battery. Who can get used to the peculiar design of the axon Mini, gets for 270 Euro (Stand: April 27, 2016) but a strong middle-class device.

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Despite size light and handy

Dual SIM

expandable memory

Sharp, bright display

Force touch

Fast fingerprint sensor


Battery permanently installed

Slow iris scanner

Incorrect language unblocking

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T he ZTE Axon Mini energized because of its gadgets in the middle class attention – but also in the design of the smartphone is a particularly. Above and below the display showcases a registered punched grid pattern the housing, on the back placed the producers a butterfly-shaped collection of triangles between the camera and flash. The seams made of textured plastic on the top and bottom of the smartphone back round off the unconventional appearance of the axon Mini. At least in the color of the test device (Ion Gold) it would do well in a handbag between Chihuahua and Asti bottle.

probably the ghosts to the idiosyncratic style of ZTE Axon Mini.

Compact 5.2 inch Android

The smartphone from thousands of aluminum and plastic little smaller and much lighter than the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) with the same display size (5.2 inches). Clever design trick: When switched off, the display seems at first glance larger than it is, because the edges are difficult to see above and below the display. On the smooth backside is located centrally, a fingerprint sensor, it sits vertically built construction camera and LED flash. The battery is permanently installed and thus not replaceable. The power switch is located on the right side, the volume can be set to the left. Dual SIM is in there, but you have to decide: either more memory or two SIM cards. For the combi specialist on the right side can be either two nano-SIM cards (Dual SIM) or a nano-SIM and accommodate a microSD card. The keys are a little shaky, apart from the smartphone is solid. The axon Mini fits comfortably is obvious and has a 5.2 inch android quite compact.

Practice Test: ZTE Axon Mini Premium Edition

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Bright display with Force Touch

The AMOLED display of ZTE Axon Mini measures 5.2 inches (13.21 centimeters) and dissolves in Full HD (1920×1080 pixels) on. The white screen with its high sharpness and brightness, as well as the contrasting color to inspire. Colors rich and deep come over, the viewing angle is large. Thanks Force-touch technology takes the display similar to the iPhone 6S different pressure strengths true. So calling a strong impression on an app icon Quick Start functions – despite the German language settings indicates the smartphone only in English. In addition, 3D passwords relate the Force-touch function with in order to increase the security of the lock screen.

Thanks Force Touch the display takes different pressure strengths true. With firm pressure on an app logo appear Quickstart options – but only in English.

Finger Sensor: Top! Iris scanner: Flop!

In addition to the pressure-sensitive display ZTE puts more hardware in the axon Mini, one would expect more for expensive top class smartphones. Especially the iris scanner case is striking. In the test, he recognized the retina although even by lenses accurately, the unlocking is cumbersome and slow. Strange: only a private, password-protected area for encrypted images, SMS and more can not be with the iris scanner secure, the normal lock screen contrast. For the latter, a fingerprint sensor is responsible, who is fast and reliable. Unlocking via voice recognition does not work in the test. Away from the gadgetry fits the decor of Axon Mini for upper middle class. The battery takes on a slightly above-average capacity of 2,800 mAh, the operating system ZTE focuses on the no longer quite fresh version of Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. Compounds manufactures the smartphone via Wi-Fi ac standard on the 2.4 and 5 gigahertz band as well as Bluetooth 4.0. The axon Mini also supports fast data connection LTE, but no NFC.

The iris scanner not convinced because of its complicated operation and the slow pace.

Flotter middle class processor

The eight-core processor Snapdragon 616 from Qualcomm to ensure the ZTE Axon Mini for Tempo. Four of its cores clocked at up to 1.5 GHz, the other four provide up to 1.2 gigahertz. The graphic unit Adreno 405 provides shooters help in pixel hunting. In the benchmark Geekbench 3 smartphone is about on par with the Samsung Galaxy S5, the 3D graphics test GFXBench beats Samsung’s old flagship, the Axon Mini but by far. Graphic hits like “Dead Trigger 2” mastered the ZTE smartphone yet without flinching. The operating speed is also very high.

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Sufficient expandable memory

The memory comes at Axon Mini on generous 3 gigabytes. The internal memory on the other hand measures 32 gigabytes of which are about 22.5 gigabytes leisure. For most users, this is perfectly adequate. Who needs more space, stands on request to the memory limit via microSD card up to 150 gigabytes.

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Great front camera, main camera ok

Hold the camera with the most positive overall impression of the axon Mini? The fast camera app definitely: Just on a second elapses from the opening of the application to the first snapshot. The main camera has 13 megapixels and has minor weaknesses in the practice test on. Outdoor shots look slightly pixelated, colors appear distorted and slightly oversaturated. With sunshine pictures appear too light, the shadow, however dark. The HDR mode brightens photos on clear, but also provides powerful image noise. When shooting indoors sharpness looks good, colors are but pale and distorted. In addition, snapshots there is a general lack of sufficient brightness. The front camera is 8 megapixels and allows, thanks to sharp and color fidelity selfie no failures. The Full HD (1920×1080 pixels) recorded videos fought in the test but with slight blur, a total of a little too dark geratenen appearance and an inaccurate color reproduction. Sample images, also from the photo-comparison device LG V10, see the article to download.

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