Zoom Pixel Art Clock, clock pixelated!

Widgets that tell the time, there are thousands. And there Pixel Art Clock, clock pixelated! A zoom on this application developed by a French.

If you are a fan of all things retro and therefore a worshiper of pixel art, this application developed by Nasc, author of visual illustrating the eLaptopComputer.com Trophy, should please you. Originally a simple widget offering a clock that appears in the form of pixel art, its success is well established (over 500 000 downloads from the Play Store). This application is now available in a watchface for Android Wear to accompany you anywhere (as long as you have a smartwatch, I grant you)!

Fully customizable via the smartphone, you can juggle different colors and motifs offered to get what you want or change every day depending on your clothing or mood. It’s up to you to decide !

The application is available free on the Play Store, but there is also a paid version for those wishing to support the developer who uses his free time to develop this application and keep it updated.

Pixel Art Clock