YouTube launches streaming for all to compete Periscope and Facebook Live

Although the live broadcasts are already on YouTube, Google just announced the arrival of a new streaming service for its video platform. This should be “faster and more reliable” than what is done elsewhere. ”

The live streaming is not new, but has taken a new turn recently with the explosion of applications like Meerkat and especially Periscope, tool Twitter, whose popularity is growing with each new scandal Live and Facebook. Not wanting to miss such an opportunity, Google announced its own version based on YouTube, the most popular video platforms on the web. A little surprising strategic move.

Periscope in sight

Directly integrated with YouTube, this feature should be as easy to access as use. Suffice indeed launch the app, push a big red button and take a picture (or choose from the gallery) to serve as thumbnail. As for competition, it will be possible to chat live with viewers, and will build further on the existing functions of the platform to more easily categorize videos once completed (in playlist), and retrieve ( search engine). The youtubeurs also appreciate being able to keep their community and capitalize directly on it with a function to report directly to their subscribers.

Google launches its last torpedo Periscope stating in its press release that this service will be based on the infrastructure “outstanding” YouTube, which will make it “faster and more reliable than anything that is done elsewhere.” Those who used to watch broadcasts on the Twitter service quickly understand the importance of this remark.

deployment soon

At present, only a select few Google partners can use this feature, but it will be deployed more widely “soon”.