YouTube introduces automatic reading system

YouTube update brings a new feature that should appeal more content creators and users of the application …

Whenever a user finishes watching a video on YouTube, the platform tries to create the commitment by offering content that may be of interest. Now, Google’s service goes into high speed by automatically starting playback of the following video.

Recently, some users accessing YouTube spotted a novelty appeared on their phone after an update to the server side. Now, under a currently playing video is an “Auto Play” button, activating or not the immediate launch of a new video at the end of the currently viewed. The following films are generally on the same theme, but not necessarily of the same chain, which could lead to fall on unwanted videos.

Fortunately, to avoid consuming his data plan by mistake, it is possible to disable this feature for good. To do this, simply go to the app settings and then cut the “Auto Play” in the “Settings” section.

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