YouTube 05/06/35: answer and delete your comments on Android

Further to the integration of live video Chromecast, the arrival of the YouTube Android app in 6.5.35 version comes improve the management of comments. It also incorporates the playlists and offers better video quality on some mobile devices.

Downloaded several hundred million times on Google Play, the official app for YouTube allows you to enjoy a summary of the site mobility. Base, the possibilities are rather complete. Besides being able to watch a video by searching for the following, the features for sharing and subsequent playback of videos are also present.

Already available, interaction with playlists was limited to reading. Now you can see your personal playlists and those you love in the left side drawer, but also to share and love them. Much criticism was unable to reply to a comment or to remove, it is now the case with the opportunity to see if it has been posted in public or private mode. The last innovation concerns improved video quality on devices with Android 4.2 minimum. Of course, it remains to be seen depending on your device.

Compatible from Android 2.3.3, YouTube is free on the Google Play


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