Year End Playlist: sharing his music for the holidays

We are at the time of the festivities of New Year, a time when the champagne corks punctuate the evenings and where playlists turn buckle on the new Audio Chromecast you are offered upon its release. But then, by dint of listening to the same songs, the evening is likely to shorten a bit quickly because of an atmosphere that falls. That may be a good sign when Simone Tata starts dancing around the dining table after the digestive, but it’s a shame when you have a good New Year’s Eve with friends. That is why, today, and for all the festivities of December, offers a complete playlist eclectic style to punctuate your evenings and days. Thanks WHO?

Go up the sound, your neighbors will love the sound you make them listen. Let the music chosen by invade apartment or home, light the sparklers and make skip the champagne corks (in moderation), it’s Christmas!

We all put a bit of our personality to create this playlist, and sincerely hope you Enjoy it!