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Again there: beginning of 2011 Kazuma Kiryu beats by gangster epic “Yakuza 4”.

Anufacturers Sega presented the patience of the “Yakuza” fans in this country with the third part of the test. Only the game should not appear in Europe, after all. Only the date was long unclear. At the end of the Japanese published the title in March 2010, one year after its launch in Japan. For “Yakuza 4” represents Sega clear: The gangster epic appears also in Germany.

The story of “Yakuza 4” revolves around four members of the Japanese mafia and a unsolved murder. The protagonists are fighting for power in Japan’s capital and thereby try to solve the crime. One of them is the well-known from the predecessors Kazuma Kiryu who returns a year after the events in “Yakuza 3” to Tokyo. A first insight into the latest series offshoot offer freshly published images.

Released “Yakuza 4”: early 2011 for PS3. (Dj)

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