Yahoo sale: Several bids

In addition to telecoms and media giant Verizon now vying probably more corporations to Yahoo.

Y ahoo has received several bids in the amount of 5 billion US dollars for their web business, according to a media report. Thus, the sums would be higher than last speculation. The telecommunications and media giant Verizon, which has been touted as the most promising candidate, offering 3.5 billion dollars, the station CNBC reported, citing informed people. At Verizon, inter alia, the online subsidiary AOL belongs with media as the “Huffington Post” and blogs like “TechCrunch”.

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The Internet company Yahoo originally wanted to repel the beginning 2016, the multi-billion dollar stake in Alibaba and distribute the proceeds to its shareholders. But it remains unclear whether the transaction is exempt. Therefore one thinks instead by a spin-off of the core business, also to Yahoo put up for sale. The company was recently worth on the stock market around 34 billion dollars – the majority of which, however, makes the Alibaba stake out. (With material of dpa.)