XQuietHours for all devices with CyanogenMod Xposed

XQuietHours, a feature that is found on some devices with the fashion “do not disturb” (on the LG G3 or some Huawei, for example). XQuietHours offers the ability to block certain functions of the Android device: the sound notifications or LED notifications.

Xposed is little known outside of Android enthusiasts communities: it is a framework that allows to enjoy many mods that was found – until now – largely on Android ROM. Specifically, you will install it as an application (APK) on Rootes devices.

Some functions are not effective with specific ROM. This is the case of XQuietHours compatible with a ROM select, especially CyanogenMod. The function allows you to select the length of time to “rest” of your device, but also the type of notification you want to disable (audio, vibration, LED).

More details on the XDA forum on XQuietHours