Xiaomi sells the Mi Drone capable of shooting 4K to 400 euros

Xiaomi has just lifted the veil on the Mi Drone, the first quadricopter brand. For the occasion, Xiaomi offers a drone capable of shooting 4K with intelligent flight features that have nothing to envy the industry heavyweights like DJI or Parrot.

Update 26 May at 10:57: Xiaomi has just put on sale 1080p version on its own online store. 4K version will put a little more time to arrive, since Xiaomi talking about a beta for the month of July. We also learn that Full HD version has an additional limitation: a range of only 1 km to 2 km against the version 4K video to the back and 3 km for the steering. For both versions, there is a sonar and a vertical camera for positioning, also attended by GPS and Glonass.

The drone of Xiaomi was the subject of a campaign of teasing for a few days with some pictures and a video altogether. This time, the drone of Xiaomi takes off, since Lei Jun, the CEO of the company has unveiled the Mi Drone on a live Chinese, fully streamed video. The Mi Drone is a quadricopter for the general public, and includes many elements of drone DJI, China’s number one manufacturer in the market. So we find a white plastic shell, a non-removable landing gear (as the Phantom) and a camera connected to the drone via a gondola stabilized to prevent shaking.

4K video of the game

The radio is much like that delivered by DJI Phantom with her and it is possible to come and insert your smartphone in a special housing to have the video back in 720p. We do not know however if it is possible to insert a small tablet, like the Mi Pad 2. On the video, the camera with a Sony 12 megapixel sensor is capable of shooting 4K (3840 × 2160 pixels) at 30 frames per second or Full HD (1920 × 1080 pixels) at 60 fps with stabilization on three axes. Photographers will appreciate the ability to take pictures in RAW.

Smart flights

Several intelligent theft features are part of, as a point of interest when you want the drone makes circles around a subject, or a fashion crossing points to ask the drone to carry out a flight plan to the advanced. Xiaomi has not specified whether a follow me feature was the party since rumors had discussed the possibility of using the Mi Band for this feature. There is still a return to home mode, allowing the drone to return automatically to its GPS point of take-off, for example in the event of signal loss. Xiaomi announced the possibility of piloting the drone up to 3 km away.

In terms of autonomy, Xiaomi announced 27 minutes of battery life with a battery (17.4 V) with a capacity of 5100 mAh manufactured by LG. The propellers are removable, but need to be unscrewed, unlike the latest creations from DJI that can remove even more easily. To facilitate domestic flights and avoid breakage in all circumstances, Xiaomi offers propellers protections for Mi Drone. Finally, it is under the drone sensors (sonar? Cameras?) Which should better manage the behavior of the drone in flight, and perhaps even to make obstacle avoidance on landing phases. Note that the Mi Drone has not been fully developed by Xiaomi but by FlyMe, a startup that is part of Xiaomi of portfolio companies.

A floor price

We should have more details using a Facebook Live at 18h. We already know the price of the drone: 2499 yuan (340 euros) version and Full HD 2999 yuan (410 euros) for version 4K. What put a kick in the UAV market, including overshadow Parrot and DJI, although it will add various fees and taxes for import to Europe.