Xiaomi has its AmazFit, the tracker connected to the original design

Xiaomi has just introduced its new tracker connected, called AmazFit an object to the original circular design and affordable price, we should be able to find out within a month.

Chinese Xiaomi, well known for its enticing features to mobile and aggressive price, presented at a conference organized yesterday its AmazFit. This new connected object follows the Mi Band, another tracker connected which has sold over 3.1 million units in the second quarter of 2015, according to the manufacturer.

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The AmazFit is a connected object that stands out from its competitors thanks to its quirky design. The activity tracker features a circular shape, is made of zirconium dioxide, which is a material used in the medical field and in jewelery for its robustness.

Its shape allows it to be worn in different ways, either as a classic wrist bracelet, or pendant through various accessories sold separately. In terms of features, the Amazfit resume feature for feature the possibilities offered by the Mi Band. We find an activity sensor for analyzing daily physical activity, and sleep quality. Good point, the object can also be an alarm clock with the vibrator that integrates but also warn of the receipt of messages or notifications. Xiaomi indicates that the device is capable of holding 10 days away from his basic induction charging. The AmazFit is fully waterproof and dustproof thanks to its IP68 certification.

Xiaomi announced compatibility with iOS and Android, and affordable: indeed count 299 yuan, or about 41 euros. The product will be sold on the market in mid-October on the firm’s website, with availability in two colors: black and white.

This new product marks a revival at Xiaomi, since it is not stamped Mi, unlike the Mi Band, which is still pending elsewhere successor. The AmazFit also has its own website. We will see in the coming months if Xiaomi will focus on objects connected through this new entity, and whether it will drop its Mi Band.