WSUS Offline Update: update Windows PCs easily

Windows has an automatic update feature that allows the system to be constantly kept up to date. However, the Windows update requires partial downloads in the amount of several hundred MB for each PC you need to upgrade. For owners of a fast Internet connection that is no problem.


The situation is different with low bandwidth or a volume tariff: It is convenient to download the update once.


The tool, WSUS Offline Update, downloads updates for Windows Vista, 7, 8, Office 2007, 2010 and 2013 and, if necessary, das.Net Framework, C ++ – runtime libraries and updates for Windows Defender. The task of the tool is mainly to install all available updates without an internet connection from a DVD or a USB flash drive directly to a Windows installation. WSUS Offline Update can be used but also through the network to upgrade multiple PCs. Use on any Windows PC, you want to update via WSUS Offline Update, “Specifying manually check for updates but install the time to download and” select “Control Panel -> Important Updates> Windows Update – -> Change Settings” , You will receive a notification when updates are still missing.

Update Windows PCs with the tool Get wsus Content.NET: Alternative

For the required Windows network share you need a Samba server you with Ubuntu or Linux Mint

can install. Then go to the Samba configuration file as root in an editor

In the “[global]” add at the end of the line

on. If the “map to guest = bad user” does not already exist, enter this line.

Create at the end of the file a new section labeled “[wsus]” and a content as shown in the illustration. Behind “path” to specify the directory where you want to set WSUS Offline Update. “Hans” replace each by the group or user name of the main administrative user. Save the file, and then run in the terminal the following commands

“Hans” replace with your Linux user name, and then assign a Samba password. “Nobody” is the guest user without a password.

With this configuration, the registered Linux user and group “adm” write access to the share have. Other users and guests are allowed to read files only, and run. “Force create mode = 665” ensures that created from Windows files are readable and executable. Anonymous access is only for the auto reboot function of WSUS Offline necessary (-> point 4).

Download WSUS Offline Update via http: //; Download and unzip the ZIP file in the in – shared> Point 2 folder, for example “/ wsus”. Change with you

the owner and access rights. Use username and paths according to your configuration. For the update download Linux additional software is required that you re-install with the following command

Then start the Updater

The bash script shows a simple menu, which you specify systems and applications that you want to update. At the end you will see a summary of the settings specified. To load with about

Updates for Windows 8.1 64 Bit, das.Net Framework, Microsoft Security Essentials and Defender virus definitions. The command line you are using in a cronjob for automatic download, you create with crontab -e. in the Editor Tap about following line when execution every day is to start at 22:10

If you need updates for Windows 8.1 64- and 32-bit, replace “w63-x64” by “all-63”. Accordingly, there are for Windows 7 next “w61” and “w61-x64” parameter “all-61”.

On your Windows PC, start “UpdateInstaller.exe” from the “client” of the network share the Linux computer. Place a check mark in front of the desired options, and click “Start”. Because some updates require a Windows restart, you must call the tool may repeatedly. You can set the “Start and Autoresume new” a tick against. This works as long as you have set up anonymous access to the release, as described under -> point 2 described.

If the update the error message “Access Denied” appears, set the access rights again, for example, with the line

The update can be automated via batch files. Download it; “WsusHelper”; Download and unzip the files contained in the WSUS directory.

Download “StartUpdater.cmd” and “RunAsAdmin.cmd” in an editor. Wear behind “set enable =” UNC path to WSUS released and behind “set NetDrive =” the desired drive letter. If necessary, you can update Java on “StartUpdater.cmd” also the Adobe Flash Player and.

Copy; Flash updater; and; Java Updater; also in the shared directory. “StartUpdater.cmd” implements the update only on Wednesdays. If you want a different day, change the entry after “if”% DOW% “==” “.

For a daily check put behind “set EveryDay =” a “1”. Also Adjust the options behind “doupdate.cmd”. To start the Updater manually by double-clicking “RunAsAdmin.cmd”.

WSUS Offline Update downloads and installs the most security related updates. When “important” or “recommended” classified updates are not usually taken into account. It is therefore necessary to also use the standard Windows Update now and then. You can – albeit quite cumbersome – define further updates for WSUS Offline.

Search on Google or at http: //; after the Knowledge Base IDs of the updates.

Determine the direct download URLs, and carry them in a .txt file, which you can store in the “static / custom”. Another TXT files, with a KB number per target are defined under “client / static / custom” from. The TXT files must be named under “static” or “client / static” follows the same pattern as the files.