With its offer Family, Spotify joins the family of subscriptions to 15 euros

Spotify updates its tariff policy to adjust the prices on the music streaming market. It thus adopts the price charged by Apple Music, but Google Play Music, since late last year.

While Spotify offers free formula, many users who do not mind paying a little money to enjoy their music in the comfort of off-line, stripped of any pub. However, when other major players in the streaming, namely Apple Music, Play Music and Deezer, offering a package for some months to 6 passes for 15 euros per month, Spotify was content to date of a package with the same benefits but charged at a price twice as high.

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The Swedish platform has chosen to align its prices with those of its competitors, it is now much the same advantages than them, especially as the term family is here in the broad sense. A group of friends may well decide to save on its streaming package by sharing their bill, while each retains its respective account, with playlists and recommendations.

Hold a family account, the new price will apply to the next bill, while the owners of a premium account can simply connect it to add a member. Note that this price change will not be effective in Canada.