With Flow, Microsoft launches an alternative to IFTTT dedicated to business

Microsoft now offers a new service dedicated to more professionals and individuals. Flow baptized, it aims to automate the connected actions, often centered around its own services.

You certainly know IFTTT, this service (available on Android) for connecting some 305 web services to create “recipes” using the formula If This Then That. It is for example possible to choose to share Facebook status on LinkedIn or Twitter, automatic backup of articles from a media defined in Pocket, etc. A practical tool is not without having inspired a tech giant Microsoft.

The launch of a preview

After a false start – a blog post and a page dedicated to the service had been published and then removed it a week ago – Microsoft released the preview of its Flow service. Nothing to do with the Word Flow keyboard, which is still relevant, as this is to “create workflows (workflows) Automatic between your applications and services list to receive notifications, synchronize folders, collect data and more, “said Redmond.

Unlike IFTTT, turned as well to personal use and professional, Microsoft Flow is clearly enough business. Evidenced by the examples of uses it provides, starting with the creation of to-do lists on Wunderlist to receiving emails, gathering in a spreadsheet of all tweets published about the company or receiving an SMS from an email from his manager appears in the inbox. Everything is “to work less while doing more.” A whole program for the time reserved for the United States, and the date of final release is unknown.