Windows Phone to Android, the hectic itinerary MixRadio

There are the new side of the music streaming application, MixRadio reserved for Windows Phone until just a few months ago. She is currently in beta testing on Android and even iOS. Suffice to say that since its acquisition late last year, there has been change.

Update 3/17/2015: MixRadio finally announced through social networks, launching a closed beta of its Android and iOS apps. To participate in the beta, which we do not yet know the duration, simply visit the site MixRadio.

We’re running a limited beta of our new apps for iPhone and Android. Give ’em a try and let us know what you think!

– MixRadio Developers (@DevMixRadio) March 16, 2015

Original article: Hidden in a hotel away from the Mobile World Congress, MixRadio was present in the Catalan area, although somewhat isolated and not really embarrassed by inappropriate visits. Yet, besides its friendly staff, the music streaming service has a richer news it seems. There are ten days the team also ensured that news just intervene after the show, which is done today. But above all, if we go back in the history of an application that has been so for the Windows Phone terminals that it was almost part of the furniture.

Because originally, MixRadio, it is Nokia, at the time of its glory and its # 1 market in the late 2000s, the Finn then offers phones “Nokia Comes With Music “from a partnership with the major labels of the moment, and allow its owners to benefit from free and unlimited music downloads for a set period of time when buying them. Since then, the market has changed, and the name of MixRadio has emerged even as the unlimited music streaming services are made known. In 2011, the application is pre-installed in Windows Phone (WP7, at the time), and provides access to the “Mix” or predefined playlists by genres or eras, as well as online radios.

In 2013, she took the name of Nokia MixRadio to turn into any MixRadio short in 2014, acquired by Microsoft requires. Since then, the application, not always perfectly optimized for terminals on which it is installed, has improved. The user creates a mix from the music he listens to, by a content curation system. It can tell he loves or not a title to customize the best what looks like a personalized radio. Side monetization, advertising is recent months assisted by an offer MixRadio charged + 3.99 euros per month: it allows unlimited download of Mix to listen off-line (against four in free version), spend as many titles as the the user wants and get better audio quality.

Nokia and Microsoft to Line …

These features, yet to date, are reserved to Nokia Lumia smartphones and Microsoft, as well as some partners pregnant and watch Adidas announced late last year. But an event little coverage at the time, changed that, still owned by Microsoft late 2014, MixRadio happened between the Line of hands early in the year 2015. This is the giant of instant messaging, multi -plateformes amateur and paid content in-app, which now manages the application teams. Its firepower is certainly far ahead of that of the Lumia alone: ​​it has 500 million subscribers and 170 million monthly active users.

And the information relayed by prying users to surface among our colleagues from Central Windows: MixRadio is now being tested as a private beta on Android and iOS platforms, while it is and will remain, at least in the short term pre-installed on the Lumia. In other words, for what is now a branch of Line whose teams remain independent, the prospect of monetization of its services is explosive, Windows Phone still stagnant around 3% market share globally. However, the main person refuses to tell us more …

We develop, test and continuously improve MixRadio to provide the simplest music service and most staff in the world. We have no comment to make on our test program currently.

So we will not know more, except that it is far from a denial. It is also question of a major update of Windows Phone application in the summer. I bet that MixRadio beta will open a little more to the public of other platforms in the same period.