Windows Ink: Write and Draw instead tap

With Windows Ink Microsoft improved working via stylus on Windows 10th

The good old pen is “in” again

L is time were input pins with which to paint on touch screens or writes, as old-fashioned. Each human being has indeed ten fingers and so much better “Stylus” – so the theory goes. In contrast, the reality is different: Used to tap sufficiently large buttons the fingers may be of good use. But when it comes to Filigranes, approximately drawing fine lines or writing, the whole thing looks different. Apple made with the “iPad Pro” and the related “Apple Edit” the beginning, bless his smart pencil for some time as an optimal tool for drawing and writing on.

Practical: Per Windows Ink manufactures one small sketches or notes, and attached it to the Windows desktop.

Windows Ink: Draw, write, write down briefly

Now Microsoft follows with Windows Ink: This new feature, which is an integral part of the “Windows 10 Anniversary Update” (appears likely to end of July 2016) is that painting and writing on Windows Tablets makes child’s play, Microsoft promises. The matching, optimized for ink applications software company creating equal to: Thus, for example, the virtual notepad “Sticky Notes” use a stylus – simply label a piece of paper with a note and anchor as a reminder on the desktop.

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The “Sketchpad” app benefits from Ink: Even fine lines make for pen input is not a problem, Microsoft promises. Also to use a virtual ruler for drawing straight lines is possible. Another example: In the “Map” app mark with the pen a route, then calculates Windows 10 the distance.

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Windows Ink: fingers is allowed

Windows Ink should not be slavishly adapted to the use of a stylus, the use of a finger is possible.

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