Windows 8: all PCs, tablets and laptops already on sale

The new Windows 8 presented Friday, October 26, 2012 is not the only one to make its comeback. Many PC models, tablets and laptops accompany its release and gathered most currently available models (Photos eLaptopComputer).

All use Windows 8, of course, and many models are already on sale. The offer is very diverse, ranging from the simple tablet with Windows 8 RT to the PC all-in-one with a touch screen via hybrid offering prospective buyers a finger as well as the use mouse.

Acer tries to adopt a strategy to restore its brand image through high-end devices. Hence the very expensive but very attractive Aspire S7.

– Aspire S7 ultrabook, 11 and 13 inches (Portable Touchscreen)

– Aspire S7 ultrabook, 13 inches (Portable Touchscreen)

– Iconia W700 (hybrid tablet / notebook)

– Iconia W510 (hybrid tablet / notebook)



– Aspire 5600U (PC all-in-one)

– Aspire 7600U (PC all-in-one)

Asus provides as usual a wide range of systems ranging from the ordinary to the experimental.






– ET2300 / 2700 (PC all-in-one)

Dell Dell rescucité Duo 12 to offer this model now re-christened XPS 12. Like others he also tries RT adventure with the 10-inch model, the XPS 10 tablet.

– XPS 12 (convertible Portable)

– XPS 10 Tablet (Hybrid Windows RT)

– Latitude 10 tablet (hybrid tablet / notebook)

– Latitude 6430u Ultrabook (Portable)

– XPS One 27 (PC all-in-one)

– Inspiron One 23 (PC all-in-one)

HP plays it safe with updated products and some new models including a hybrid with a detachable screen and a laptop with a touch screen.


– Envy Touchsmart X2 (hybrid tablet / notebook)


– Pavilion Sleekbook 14 (Portable)

– Pavilion Sleekbook 15 (Portable)

– Spectrum One (PC all-in-one)

– Envy Touchsmart 23 (PC all-in-one)

– Envy Touchsmart 20 (PC all-in-one)

– Pavilion 20 (PC all-in-one)

Lenovo is all about convertible notebook with some variations including a model with Windows RT and a hybrid.

– IdeaPad Lynx (hybrid tablet / notebook)

– IdeaPad Yoga 11 (convertible Portable Windows RT)

– IdeaPad Yoga 13 (convertible Portable)


– ThinkPad Tablet 2 (hybrid tablet / notebook)

Microsoft Microsoft is entering the world of PC makers with its hybrid tablet Surface equipped with an amazing keyboard and an integrated tripod.

– Surface RT (hybrid tablet / notebook)

– Surface Pro (hybrid tablet / notebook)

Samsung adds Windows 8 and touch capabilities to some of its laptops, but is distinguished by a particular model.

– Series 7 Slate PC (Hybrid tablet / laptop)

– Series 5 (Portable)


– Ativ Smart PC (Hybrid tablet / laptop)

– Ativ Smart PC Pro (hybrid tablet / notebook)

– Series 7 (27-inch) (PC all-in-one)

– Series 7 (23-inch) (PC all-in-one)

– Series 5 (21.5-inch) (PC all-in-one)

Surprisingly adventurous Sony, Sony draws our attention with its tablet / PC all-in-one 20-inch laptop with sliding keyboard.

– Vaio Tab 20 (PC all-in-one / tablet)

– Vaio Duo 11 (convertible Portable)



Toshiba is very wise in just offering laptops. His slider model may prove to be, however, a good way to combine mobile and tablet.





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