Windigo Systems Bluetooth Headset: test and review

Bluetooth is democratized, the devices also. Motorola and Ericsson are not the only ones to offer accessories exploiting this wireless technology. Windigo Systems, a US manufacturer of electronic components, launches Bluetooth headset. It can be used with all phones that standard.

Here no approach all-in-one, often synonymous with a look at Star Trek as the M1000, Plantronics. The helmet still wired, and separate headset microphone, but instead of connecting to the phone, you plug a Bluetooth transmitter. Interest? No need to get his phone from his pocket because of too short wire, and especially no compatibility problems between connectors. Best of all, the same headset can be used multiple devices, phone, PC or PDA through Bluetooth.

Easier to connect a phone to a PC

In practice it is more complicated. Of course issuer Windigo respects the Bluetooth standard and uses the headset profile (Headset) but connect it to a PC remains difficult. Depending on the software used on the PC, and on its version, the helmet is recognized or not.

Fortunately, connect to a phone, its main use, no problem. Just detect from the phone. Then enter the code needed for pairing, stated in the documentation, and voila.

Pressing the dial on the receiver to pick up or hang up without using the phone. It is also controls the headphone volume.

Good point, the charger supplied with the set is similar to those used by Nokia phones. The owners of a Finnish brand phones will be able to use the same charger for their phone and headset. Side autonomy, two days to reach easily, provided the issuer cut the night.