Winamp 5: universal player, specific encoder

reading software popular MP3 files, Winamp 5 supports almost all video and audio formats. However, this new version still does not encode audio CD tracks to MP3 format. Rather, it turns them into AAC files for Advanced Audio Coding (audio standard operated by MPeg-4) at the speed of 2x (300 KB / s). And severe CD at the same rate. Winamp users who want to enjoy higher speeds or convert CDs to MP3 files, are kindly invited to buy the Pro version of Winamp for the program …

For the rest, Winamp 5 remains true to his elders. This software manages the playlists (playlists) and includes a file manager. Skins (dressing) are used to change the appearance of the interface. And if he reads files of various formats (MP3, AAC, Avi, Mpeg, etc.), this software also connects to Internet radio stations. It even displays videos published on the web streaming or streaming format NSV (Nullsoft Streaming Video).

Download the free version of Winamp

Other playback audio and video software

Itunes (freeware)

Play MP3 and AAC encode its audio CD.


Napster (freeware)

Read or burn his MP3 files.


RealOne Player (freeware)

compatible player among others with streaming RealAudio and RealVideo formats.


Windows Media Player (freeware)

Play WMA files or encode its audio CD under the same format.

Download version for Windows 98 Se / Me and 2000

Download for Windows XP