Wiko Lubi: test and review

Behind its design esign piece and slip-resistant shell, mobile phone Wiko Lubi signed with the characteristic to accept two SIM cards and allow you

thanks to dedicated buttons to choose how you want to map

call. He will use it for GSM dual band network.

It has a TFT screen of 1.8 inches with a resolution of 128 x 160 pixels and a conventional keyboard. To enlighten you, a flashlight that can easily be turned through this button on the keyboard is integrated. At the back of Wiko Lubi is a camera with a VGA resolution of 640 x 480 pixels.

Data can be stored on a micro SD card up to 8 GB internal memory that can, in turn, hold 150 contacts and 200 messages. The lack of audio jack is offset by the presence of an internal speaker that you use to listen to the integrated FM radio or MP3 player.

The Lubi has a USB 1.0 port that is also used to charge the device, this one with a self-announced 9.2 hrs talk time and 276 hours standby.

The introductory price of the mobile phone is Wiko Lubi proposed by 26,90 euros.

Demo Wiko Lubi