Which operator offered the best 4G LTE in December?

The four French operators make war on the deployment of 4G. Real business issue, each hope to succeed before the other. But what about the quality of the network? Because a greater number of 4G antennas do not necessarily mean higher throughput. This is what appears in December, in the investigation of the site ZDNet and its partner, the 4Gmark editor.

Who had the best 4G in December? More importantly, Free Mobile has he bitten off more than it can chew by launching December 3 its mobile broadband? In response, the site Zdnet relies on its partnership with 4Gmark editor, which is developing a mobile network application assessment smartphone on which it is installed. For the last month of December on the 4G network, 24,168 tests were carried out via this application. What are the numbers?

Overall, the three incumbent operators (Bouygues Telecom, Orange and SFR) are doing pretty well. Orange has an average download speed of 36.3 Mb / s, SFR 22.3 Mb / s and Bouygues Telecom 21.5 Mb / s. On average upload speed is always orange which holds the upper pad (13.6 Mb / s), followed by Bouygues (11.07 Mb / s) and SFR (9.6 Mb / s). And Free Mobile in? In its first month, the fourth operator is behind: an average download speed of 17.8 Mb / s and an average upload speed of 6.1 Mb / s.

As noted in 4Gmark analysts, quoted by Zdnet, “it would be simplistic to speak only of lower average rates as construction at Free is disparate. In 4G LTE to an expected level (greater than 20 Mbps) only in Paris, Montpellier and Brest in the early days, one can follow the 4G network “d├ęcontraster” day after day. Sign of a faster than expected commercial launch. ” The rise of 4G Free would be ongoing. Difficult anyway to see a trend in these figures since it is the first month of existence of broadband for Free Mobile. Still, the launch of LTE seems to be a success for Bouygues Telecom, Orange and SFR as these have all announced having crossed the million subscribers to 4G.