Where to buy the HTC One M9?

The HTC One M9 is just beginning to be marketed in certain privileged, before a wider availability in the first days of April.

The HTC One M9, just past the hands of our editorial begins to display at fine retailers. Sometimes available, sometimes in pre-orders, it costs 749 euros for all traders. Here is the list of resellers in the flagship that can actually be purchased.

Until April 1

Do not look, Orange has offered the French exclusive sales of the HTC One M9 until the end of this March. It will therefore go through a subscription – in which case the phone boasts of 150 euros refunded until April 1 – or buy one phone at a price of 749.90 euros. The device is available in steel gray and silver versions, both in stock.

The HTC One M9 in Orange

Those who prefer to receive payment facilities offered by the virtual operator can go through the services of Sosh, which offers the phone to 749 euros all round. Tips, however, until April 1, always, the phone is eligible for a refund offer of 50 euros to download to the phone’s page, therefore bringing it to a price of 699 euros. You can choose a payment in four installments without charges, or in monthly installments spread over a year, but with an additional contribution.

The HTC One M9 in Sosh

Online retailers

Some online stores offer, too, the One M9, in its various colors, pre-order and no precise date of availability. He is expected by early April, however, with, according to traders, higher or lower shipping costs. Some also offer one free delivery, usually relay point. This is particularly the case TopAchat, offering the One M9 steel gray Version and costs 749.90 euros, with 6.99 euros home port or free delivery up point.

The HTC One M9 in TopAchat

Same fight, to 749.95 euros this time in LDLC.com which identifies however the steel gray phone, money and, unlike its competitors, colors Or. Note that the delivery is posted here from April 3 .


Materiel.net offers the One M9 steel gray and priced at 749 euros, with free delivery, always pre-order. It is also available in silver and gold versions.

The HTC One M9 in Materiel.net

RueDuCommerce adopts the same strategy, with three colors available for 749,90 euros, postage and offered the option of paying in 20 installments without charges.

The HTC One M9 in RueDuCommerce

The last thief is none other retailers Amazon, which also reference the three colors of the M9, silver, gray and gold. The e-retailer does not specify the exact date of availability of the device (it takes just the classic “soon”) but offers to 749 euros, with free delivery.

The HTC One M9 at Amazon

The HTC One M9 in Boulanger