WhatsApp Messenger for iPhone and BlackBerry

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Messages, images and videos with the iPhone mail – without paying fees? Solution: WhatsApp Messenger.

iPhone: WhatsApp Messenger

T he messaging program WhatsApp is a cheaper alternative to SMS and MMS. Prerequisite: Both the sender and recipient must install the app, it costs 0.79 euros in the App Store of Apple. Thereafter, the free exchange of news, photographs, voice notes and video is no obstacle. Depending on your phone plan or -Vertrag incur additional telephone charges in the transmission over the air may.

Easy integration into address

The address created contact lists automatically to show who has the app also installed. The notification by ‘push’ has the advantage that the battery life is hardly reduced and the device messages also receives when straight is another app running. Currently the application for the iPhone from version OS 3.1 and the BlackBerry from OS 4.5 is available. The versions for Android OS and Nokia Symbian are still in beta. The program runs over cellular or Wi-Fi. (Sj)

Download WhatsApp Messenger the iTunes App Store: ┬╗Download

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