WhatsApp face Slack and Twitter, to assault the B2C

Earlier in the week, the WhatsApp team had indicated its willingness to make its totally free application. We were able to have a preview of the upcoming features of the instant messaging client. Behind this decision lies a monetization strategy based on services. But this is not the only area that Whatsapp will develop the Facebook application is also very interested in the B2C sector, a testing phase will be launched this week.

At the DLD conference in Munich, Germany, one of the leaders of Facebook spoke about the future of WhatsApp. The application that combines 990 million users at an important moment in its development. Especially as Facebook Messenger, in the same group, has 800 million users. The scene of conversation naturally turned around it. To Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp are very different, with a different geographical distribution. WhatsApp is particularly strong in Europe and in developing countries.

With Facebook at Work initiative to tackle LinkedIn market share, Facebook could therefore lead a second battle. On the front of the B2C sector, HipChat (Atlassian JIRA who edits) and particularly Slack managed a feat: rapid implementation in companies, as an alternative to email. By connecting their messaging services to third parties, such as development tools or CRM, companies have quickly understood the value of these products to enhance the internet and external communication.

WhatsApp is going to start experimenting with some companies: “Starting this year, we will test the tools permettont you use WhatsApp to communicate with companies.” What interests WhatsApp are all customer relationship activities that are classified in the category “CRM”. Bank of America or American Airlines could also be the first companies to test WhatsApp. We understand better the strategy behind the totally free WhatsApp, and the giant business model. A market also strongly interested in Twitter, there are many tools for connecting CRM to social network.

Finally, the leader of WhatsApp also raised the issue of encryption, a serious subject that will be at the heart of future developments of the publisher ..