What mobile plan without commitment choose a budget of 20 euros per month?

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In the world of mobile plans, major operators offer a fairly comprehensive offer for twenty euros. There is even a common base as it contains unlimited calls, SMS / MMS unlimited, and say at least 3 GB of data. But some differences are hiding among these offers, some more advantageous for travel abroad, for example. Overview of formulas Sosh (Orange), ADR (SFR), B & You (Bouygues Telecom), Free Mobile and La Poste Mobile.

Comparative table

RED sosh 5GB 15GB B & You 5GB La Poste Mobile Free

France calls Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Calls to / from abroad via the app Libon See details in section Excluding Unlimited to

DOM Unlimited to US mobiles, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, China, DOM and fixed 100 destinations

SMS / MMS unlimited (from France) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

SMS / MMS / from abroad unlimited SMS from France to Europe and overseas and to / from Europe and from Europe Unlimited DOM / DOM to mobiles in France, Europe / DOM DOM Unlimited to Unlimited to

DOM DOM to Unlimited

Mobile Internet in France

5 GB 15 GB 5 GB 5 GB 50 GB

Details Via roaming application Libon Pay Option Calls / SMS WiFi via Application World & You count package and fee of 30 countries included, 35 days per year

Commitment No No No No No

Options included / SFR Travel / / /

Price 19.99 € 15 EUR 19.99 EUR 9.99 EUR

(Then 18.99 euros after six months) 19.99 euros

B & You 5GB 19.99 euros

Essentially, the package 5GB of B & You grant

Unlimited calls to mobiles and landlines in France metropolitan and overseas territories

SMS / MMS unlimited metropolis in France

sms to the DOM

5 GB of mobile Internet


Only via the World & YOU app for calls and unlimited free text messages from around the world to mainland France in Wi-Fi (via the app). Also available in 3G / 4G in Europe, DOM, US and Canada, but this will be charged as roaming.

Sosh 5GB 19.99 euros

Essentially, the package 5GB Sosh grants

Unlimited calls to mobile and fixed metropolitan France & DOM

unlimited SMS / MMS in France

sms to the DOM and Europe

unlimited SMS to and from Europe and overseas

5 GB of mobile Internet


Only 24.99 euros package provides up to 5 GB of mobile Internet a year abroad. It will take out options when traveling with this offer. Calls from abroad to landlines and mobiles in metropolitan France unlimited Wi-Fi VoIP app Libon.

Free Mobile 50GB 19.99 euros (or 15.99 euros for Freebox subscribers)

Essentially, the package 50GB Free grants

unlimited calls to fixed and mobile in France, to mobile USA, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, China, DOM and fixed 100 destinations

unlimited SMS / MMS in France

sms to the DOM

50 GB of mobile Internet


From abroad 35 days / year (EU, USA, DOM, Canada, Israel, Australia and Norway): calls, SMS / MMS unlimited Internet & 3GB per destination (deducted from the package) in 3G.

RED by SFR: 15 euros

Essentially, the package 15 GB of RED grants

Unlimited calls to mobiles in France, North America and overseas (excluding Mayotte) and to landlines in France and 52 destinations

unlimited SMS / MMS in France

15 GB of mobile Internet


It takes the Travel Option 2 euros per month. Calls, unlimited SMS and MMS to all mobile and fixed to and from Europe and overseas, restricted to 2 hours max / call and billing-out package beyond. It is also possible to use your GB of internet, and it is valid for 15 days a year.

La Poste Mobile 5 GB 9.99 euros for 6 months

Essentially, the package 5GB of La Poste Mobile grants

Unlimited calls to mobiles in metropolitan France and to French overseas

unlimited SMS / MMS in France

sms to the DOM

5 GB Mobile Internet


data consumption is deducted from the package, and additional cost of 0.06 euro per MB apply. Beyond the mobile internet included in the package, it will be 11 cents Mo.

Most advantageous for ….

The flyer

On French territory, presented the packages are all substantially the same, and the differences will be mainly on network quality. Nevertheless, international options vary, and it is the Free package that offers the best bid, with 35 days per year of roaming (calls, SMS / MMS unlimited destination & Internet 3GB) in the European Union the United States, in the DOM, Canada, Israel, Australia and Norway.

The big consumer

For that uses a lot of data every month, so pick up where it offers more GB. And it’s next door to Free and RED, with 50 and 15 GB. Note that NRJ Mobile is about to propose a package with 50 GB of mobile Internet, and B & You offers regularly.

The steward

How about La Poste Mobile? The MVNO offers its 5GB package just 9.90 euros per month for the first six months. And as this is not a package with commitment, you can easily change after this time if the price is no longer appropriate for you.

Surfer quickly

Orange is renowned for its network quality, and Sosh just depends on Orange facilities. So who wants to be covered throughout France (or almost say) in 4G, and surf without risking failure, this is certainly the package Sosh 19.90 euros best suited.

If you are a frontier

We can only advise you a generous package in roaming, in case you inadvertently basculeriez to the network of the neighboring country, for example in Free Mobile. Note that in case of off-plan, the European Commission has significantly reduced the roaming prices (but not to Switzerland, which can count) is always better than nothing, waiting for the late fees roaming in June, 2017.

How to choose your package?

Select a package, it is not only a question of price, for data and roaming. We must check the operator’s network coverage selected in your neighborhood, your city, your region and throughout France. For example, in 4G LTE, Bouygues Telecom an edge on Free Mobile, but also 3G coverage.

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