What are the alternatives to Pokevision and PokeLive?

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The update of Pokémon GB deployed last Sunday did not bring that simple bug fixes. Indeed, after blocking API via VPN / VPS Pokévision, to mention only the most popular of these Pokémon mapping apps, not more. Fortunately, many alternatives exist and are just as powerful, if not more. This article will be updated regularly based on the evolution of these applications. NB: Article updated August 8, 2016.

Updated August 8, 2016: After a week working on data encryption Niantic imposed last week, the developers of the subreddit / r / pokemongodev were finally able to fulfill their purpose.

Informing the community about their advances by means of direct flow on reddit and Twitter, they reached their goal Sunday, bringing to life the Pokéradars dear to the heart of the players. However, this discovery also marks the return of bots and other cheating services ruining the game experience.

It is done. https://t.co/pssqLT6ZSX Massive shout-out to Team Unknown6 and for hosting us @discordapp During this.

– PokémonGoDev (@pkmngodev) August 7, 2016

Also be aware that the use of such services is now prohibited by Niantic. Besides, a chartered accept any new Pokémon Trainer created account was established. Thus, you will find all the applications for scanners on this discussion space, which according to its rules, are highlighted every Wednesday. But keep in mind that like all good things in life, do not abuse these tools, on pain of being sanctioned.

Updated August 4, 2016: Last night, Niantic Labs, the studio behind Pokemon Go, decided to strike a blow in fully encrypting requests made to the API of the game This action had consequences. immediate. All applications – most of which are present in this article – based on that valuable data has stopped working. However, the developers behind these passionate services have already begun to decipher the lock key. Their progress is detailed on Reddit this post.

Moreover, as some of you have seen, a Play Store cleaning was done. Indeed, all applications that provide such services are now unavailable. Thus, collaborative cards seem to be the only remaining solution to help you identify the Pokémon around you.

The more complete (at least in France) is being Pokémon Web GB. She had already been to one of our product s few weeks ago (Go Poke Web is its advanced version). As its name suggests, it is a web map. Therefore, you can use our cunning way to enjoy it in a floating browser, not having to leave the game.

Left the internet version – Right mobile

PokeRadar is another option that many foncio on American soil and begins to democratize home. The advantage of this collaborative card is that it is available in mobile app (available in Help in the upper right). However, this alternative is less provided that Poke Web GB.

Original article: The latest update (0.31.0) Pokemon Go shocked the gaming community, since it has closed the main tools to aid the hunt for Pokemon. But it takes more to stop the passionate developers. Before embarking on the list of alternatives, take a moment to explain the operation of these applications.

Most of them will ask you to connect with Pokémon Trainer or Google account. Do not return the identifiers related to your main account. Indeed, this account is required to simulate the movements of a player to scan the desired area. Therefore, if you want to use some of the applications listed here, feel free to re-create an account that will be dedicated to them.

LiveMapGo, the best

Why is it the best Pokémon tracking tool? Perhaps you heard about our solution that allowed you to access Pokévision while being involved through a floating browser, well LiveMapGo uses exactly the same principle. This is a form of floating bubble application that displays a map with all nearby Pokémon. Furthermore, additional features are available as does filter Pokémon or to choose the search radius.

LiveMapGo is available at the following address, an account is required.

PokeMesh, the challenger

With a little less refined interface, PokéMesh himself as the challenger LiveMapGo, and offers similar functionality. Among these include filters or as a floating bubble display, plus some features, like the ability to launch Pokemon Go directly from the application or be notified of a nearby Pokémon. An account is required for its use.

PokeScanner, turn your phone into Pokédex

PokéScanner is intended as the ultimate solution to Pokévision alternative on Android. Simple and intuitive, it will locate the nearest Pokémon with disconcerting speed by scanning small area by small area. Besides its execution speed, his great strength is its extensive customization capabilities and above all a big community with dedicated Reddit thread. The application is, unlike the other, available in French.

The direct download link is here, an account is required.

Smart Poke V2, original and functional

It finds its place in this list thanks to its originality. Indeed, apart from the functions of search and filters found in other applications, Smart Poke 2 has an interesting feature. This is a constant notification that updates every minute, gathering the nearby Pokémon while classifying them by scarcity.

PokiiMap, light and fast

This option is not as flexible as the previous, but still simple, fast and accurate. Indeed, only 30 seconds are required to scan the area where you are. customization options are available. The user can set the radius of the search area, show only Pokéstop with lure or choose which Pokémon appear on the radar.

The APK is here, and one account is required to use it.

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