Western Digital WD TV Live: Test and Review

Most multimedia hard drives all have the same defect: the capacity of their hard drive. Whether 500GB, 1TB or 2TB, these storages end up being full. Then comes the time of “household”, or transfer: very tedious operations. The solution is easy to opt for media players that do not have storage capacity, but that it is easy to connect any external hard drive. This was the case of the WD TV. Western Digital has updated its product by providing its HD playback capabilities housing networks.

The WD TV Live is a multimedia box that can play streaming content (no need to repatriate) from directly connected hard drives (up to two simultaneously), or anywhere from a network domesticated. Another addition from Western Digital, the ability to play videos directly from YouTube and Flickr photos.

WD TV Live looks like a small box of 12.55 x 10 x 4 cm which is placed horizontally as well as vertically. It needs an external power supply, and must be connected to the network (Internet and domestic) by an Ethernet cable. The WD TV Live does not offer Wi-Fi to connect. Keep the e head, you may need to pull a cable several meters.

With the exception of a USB port, all the connections focuses on the back, with HDMI, optical audio output, component and composite video output, Ethernet jack and the second USB port. The interface looks like (by far) in Sony Xcross stems from a logic design, and proves intuitive. Navigation is first made by media type (photos, videos, music), you can then select the source (HDD, key, network, etc.).

In terms of compatibility, WD TV Live is impressive.

Audio: MP3, WAV / PCM / LPCM, WMA, AAC, FLAC, MKA, AIF / AIFF, OGG, Dolby Digital, and DTS.


Video: AVI, XviD, MPG / MPEG / 1/2/4, VOB, MKV, TS / TP / M2T, MP4, MOV, M2TS, WMV9 and.

In playlists and subtitles, it supports PLS respectively, M3U, WPL, and SRT, ASS, SSA, SUB, SMI.

In most cases, reading passed without any problems. On very rare occasions, the audio just disappeared. But it was not a recurring problem. Tiny hiccups that should be resolved via firmware update (firmware). An update that can be charged automatically via the Internet.

The remote control, without demonstrating extraordinary design, stands well in hand, and perfectly fulfills its function. It provides access to all the features offered by the WD TV Live.

If to prevent flow problem, connect a hard drive or USB key remains al simplest solution, the WD TV Live streaming capabilities proves indisputably one of its biggest asset. Simply set up a network share on a PC or using a NAS (Network Attached Device) to distribute multimedia content on their television.

If you are looking for a media player, without being dependent on any storage capacity, while being able to read photos, videos and music scattered across your network. The WD TV Live is a solution to seriously consider.

See video of the WD TV Live