Western Digital My Book Live Duo: test and review

Share and access data anytime, anywhere is a real demand. Demand amplified by the democratization of tablets and smartphones. The solutions already exist: the NAS (Network Attached Device). A bit too complex to implement, mainly because of too hardue configuration for the general public (especially for remote access), NAS failed to convince. Manufacturers strive for simplifying, with some success. Pogoplug with its technology has been one of the pioneers. effective, efficient and especially easy it found a buyer for many manufacturers who offer their products. Seagate FreeAgent DockStar and with GoFlex Net, Buffalo Technology with CloudStation, or Drobo. Others develop their own solution as Western Digital with its range My Book Live.

Whatever the technology or manufacturer, they all benefit from a new term that is spreading at high speed (helped by the services launched by Apple, Google or Amazon, and advertising campaigns that go with it): the Cloud . The concept is democratized and became (almost) intelligible. It comes in Cloud Storage Personal Cloud … or the “cloud storage” (paperless storage) or “personal cloud storage.” Terms much talking as NAS, and quickly adopted by manufacturers.

The My Book Live Duo fits perfectly into this category. Western Digital is explicitly presented as a personal cloud storage. This is a double version of the bay My Book Live. Despite this, with its 16.5 x 15.7 x 9.9 cm, the size of the My Book Live is fairly small. Take into account that the power supply is external.

The advantage of this version is dual Duo. It offers greater capacity. There or the My Book Live is available in 1, 2 and 3 TB, the Duo offers 6TB. Then it offers the option of RAID and thereby secure its data doublonnant them identically on second hard drive.

Simple installation

The installation and configuration of Live My book is very simple. Once fueled housing and connected to your router (Internet Box to your ISP or external switch), simply run the WD Link application available on the CD included with the pack, or downloadable from the Western Digital website. We recommend the latter option to have the latest version. WD Link then handles detect your My Book Live, the “install” on your network. It is from her that all management interface happens.

First thing to do: create a shortcut to the My Book Live. This icon then allows access to the storage space as if it were an internal hard drive.

The administration console opens after you click “Configure” in your Web browser. It is also possible to access it directly by entering the My Book Live IP in the browser address bar.

An equally simple configuration

From there, everything is done with a few clicks. Sharing section creates folder and directory, and define if access Public (accessible to all), or Private. Inch case, it is still possible to refine with full access in reading and writing, or read only depending on users.

The Users section allows, as its name suggests to create new users, and to allow them to access the data. Just create a user name and assign a password. To you to communicate to the person’s identifiers and passwords. This section also allows you to manage access permissions to different folders by checking or unchecking some checkboxes. All this only applies to access to the same local network. Remote access management via another place.

Remote access

The local access is the least of things to share all data (photos, videos, music, etc.) in a home avoiding duplication, and controlling who has access to what. Remote access is just as useful. It avoids to take an entire hard disk stock, or having to make a selective choice and hope it will be wise. It is especially this aspect, that prove difficult to implement with NAS, which takes advantage of the simplicity of Western Digital procedures with My book Live.

Before operating this remote access, it is activate. An action that requires a check box on the Access tab away from the Settings section of the Administration Console.

My Book Live offers two types of remote access: one said mobile tablets and smartphones, and another said Web rather oriented computer but nothing prevents use with a tablet.

Remote access “Mobile

To use this service, you must download and install the WD2go app available for iOS and Android. To access services, on first launch, a code is required. To get it, deploy the “mobile access” tab (still in Parameters / Remote Access). It must then validate the “Add a user”, choose a regular user, and click “Get code”. It can not be simpler …

Consulting data is then without any difficulty. Access time depends on the weight of the file to check. Wi-Fi access speeds things up considerably. If the streaming option enabled, it is possible to read and view music, photos, and videos under the condition that the terminal support them. It is possible to listen to a file audio.wma Android. An impossible operation under iOS.

Western Digital offers another app that works with My Book Live. Dedicated to the photo, WD Photos proposes to send photos taken with your smartphone and / or tablet directly to the storage unit. All users with the rights to the photo files can then consult with near real-time. In the other direction, it is possible to view all the stored pictures. But this service is already offered with WD2go application. WD Photos is available for iOS and Android.

Remote access “Web

The process for Web access is more or less similar. We must choose to choose a registered user and send an invitation email. When receiving the email, the guest must click on a link and choose a password. Security question, it must contain at least one capital letter, a number, and make at least 8 characters. Do not forget to give the guest the password of the registered user.

The rapidity of this method of consultation by Web browser depends of course of the connection speed.

Of security

Apart from sharing locally and remotely, My Book Live offers security options. RAID firstly that duplicate copy of all data on both drives. Capacity and divided by two (count 2 TB of available for version 4 GB), but peace of mind is the price.

The My Book Live also allows for selective backup his computer. Western Digital offers software to configure the backups on Windows, and ensures compatibility with Time Capsule on Mac.

We remained under the spell of the Pogoplug solution regarding sharing / remote access. It was the same for us the only viable solution in terms of ease of configuration. Live My book takes him a candle, and has nothing to envy. The 4 TB version proposed € 400 even appears as the most attractive option at present. The emulation by competition decidedly good.