Weather apps for Android and iOS Review

Worth a paid weather app? Or is the pre-installed on the phone free version?

B eyelet surprises when weather thanks to weather apps snow yesterday: Meteorologists your pocket anytime anywhere at any place via precipitation, temperatures and give predictions. But in what weather frogs in the smartphone is really rely? Which app convinces with good handling and scores with clever extras? To find out, this website has invited twelve weather apps for iOS and Android to test.

Who makes the best prediction?

For the test, the editorial staff has more than 6,000 weather data from three different locations in Germany recorded over four days and compared with the actual measured values ​​of the German Weather Service. Weather Pro and lay themselves with their five-day forecasts amazingly close to the actual weather – average evaded the predictions of the winner by just 1.8 degrees Celsius, of the 120 hours later measured temperatures.

Weather apps in Test

12 Apps

Which app does not let you stand in the rain?

Rain or not?

The question whether the umbrella must Weather Pro answered most accurately: only 0.1 millimeters per hour, the average difference between the announced and actually fallen precipitation. ended up with an average deviation of 0.4 millimeters per hour at No. 3 behind Weather Live (0.12 millimeters per hour). The wind speeds gave Weather Pro and ahead most reliable. Both apps yielded nearly identical results, which differed only 4 kilometers per hour from the values ​​measured later.

App is not the same app

Strange: On iPhones and Android phones one and the same shows app often different values ​​- and at the same time in the same place. When searching for 32 reference varieties the iOS versions of Weather Pro, Weather Live and eWeather HD were also more successful than their Android offshoot. The smallest municipalities were interrogated (by population) of all federal states as well as the reference variety Sankt Peter-Ording, Kassel and Munich.

Everything in it, but where?

The best prognosis is of little use if the app did not vividly presented. And at this point, most apps have problems. So the design of the test winner is more reminiscent of apps from the smartphone pioneer days, and is not always clear where the information to be hidden. That this is better demonstrated Weather Live. Here meet attractive design and simple menu navigation together. How to scare users outright, eWeather HD impressively demonstrated. In particular, the Android app is a maze in which even long training period brings no orientation. Although the iOS version looks tidier, but it fails at the task to present the wealth of information clearly.

“Thus, the barbecue does not fall into the water, I like to spend a few euros for a reliable weather app!”

Markus Schmidt, editor of Software and Apps

not enough, the default app?

But worth investing in a weather app ever? To clarify this issue, this website has installed on the models of Apple and Samsung in advance Weather apps incorporated into the test field. Result: more than a vague idea of ​​the weather in the coming days do not have to provide the default apps. Although their design is at first glance succeeded but given the poor functionality that is not too difficult.

So, the weather presented on the net

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Apple and Samsung without extras

The meager amenities for even the biggest problem of the standard apps. They provide most acceptable temperature predictions, but otherwise no reliable data for the coming days. In particular, Samsung is stingy, resulting in the worst score in the entire test. In addition, the apps from Apple and Samsung are missing numerous extras that make the paid apps in Test busily accumulated points: weather maps, precipitation radar or information sensed temperature, air pressure or sunshine either not at all or only in very limited offer both apps.


With lush Extras has Android ahead while Weather Pro with the best forecasts and many functions is the first choice for iPhone users. The design of both test winner could also be chic – the factory installed Apple and Samsung Apps see contrast of really smart, but they offer far too few features and on top of that weak forecasts.

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