Waze will save time for everyone

Waze GPS navigation software the famous, will make his arrival in different applications of private drivers as Lyft, but also applications to find a parking spot or in applications for emergency services. The goal is always the same: to save time the driver – but also to the customer – through the operation of Waze. Positive benefits for the rest of the community Waze and Google Maps users are also expected.

If you are a motorist, you must surely know Waze – bought by Google $ 1.15 billion in 2013 – this navigation application that can save you precious minutes on your journeys by making you go through completely unknown routes. Operation is simple: Waze is based on the community of users (over 50 million) to identify traffic jams and delays, thanks to the average speed of drivers on a given area. In case of bottling, the application automatically recalculates the route to avoid the driver that zone slowdowns. If you are already mounted in a hybrid bike or a taxi, you already have seen the application running on the smartphone of your driver.

An SDK for third party applications

To facilitate the work of his last – but also streamline the overall circulation – Waze has just opened its SDK Transport. This makes it possible, for free, to integrate Waze within an existing application. Six companies have already achieved this integration Lyft, Genesis Pulse, JustPark, Cornershop, and Cabify 99Taxis. Taxi drivers will therefore have more to juggle the application of the central radio and Waze. The emergency services can save time on their journey, as drivers who seek a place with JustPark.

Positive news for all drivers

This new SDK is beneficial to everyone: companies save time by optimizing trips (we obviously think of the drivers, but also to delivery), service users that shorter wait times (whether the pending the delivery at home, but also the endless waiting taxi), but also users of Waze, which will benefit from an even wider community, to go more reactively alerts on the road. This new SDK will also benefit Google Maps users who benefit from the traffic information from Waze.