Wayfinder Navigator 7: Test and Review

Choose Wayfinder is primarily opt for a genuine solution of GPS navigation. Not just because it transforms into a GPS navigator phone but mostly because no card is stored on the mobile, they are downloaded during use. This technology called “Off Board” allows the application to occupy a small space in the phone memory and to move from a storage card. But if the Kilo-Bytes are reduced, the functions are not provided. Wayfinder Navigator 7 takes a nice 3D view which is very legible at all times on the phone screen, but the street names is missing its matching cards. Ergonomics, rather intuitive, is based directly on the phone to facilitate handling. The only painful manipulation Demeur manual connection of Bluetooth GPS before each use.

The calculated route is for their rapid and card download time is almost invisible. In navigation, messages and direction of pictograms are simple, a little too well on complex intersections. If output of the route indicated, the recalculation is as fast on a standalone GPS but the card is automatically replaced by a symbol, which requires the user to select a new map mode display. Tiring when done several times wrong.

For the small side, we note with pleasure the presence of radar alarms but they are astonished data as a message, not a sound.

budget side, the pack includes the software along with a Bluetooth receiver (very good Royaltek RBT 2100) is charged 180 euros for a lifetime license, transferable to another phone. A price at which we must not forget to add the cost of downloading maps (about 1K to 1 KM away). The traffic information optional turn is offered as a subscription (25 euros per year). The palette of compatible handsets with Wayfinder 7 is rather provided, and contains not only PDAs or Smartphones.