Watches and bracelets connected: all the latest CES 2016

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New Balance


Fossil Q54

Samsung S2 Gear

Huawei Watch

Misfit Ray


Withings Go

Fitbit Blaze

Alcatel OneTouch CareTime

Razer Nabu Watch


The watch for all. This year, the trend seems more than ever to be connected watches and bracelets. All trademarks are interested, not just those specializing in the manufacture of high-tech products. Here are all the ads in this CES 2016.

New Balance

The American brand specializing in sports equipment is actively working on producing a show connected on Android Wear. A watch made “by runners, for runners,” and should be equipped with a GPS chip to avoid having to take his smartphone when you go running.

New Balance will launch an Android Wear watch this year

HTC and Under Armour

HTC has used the CES 2016 to introduce not one, but three connected objects. This is a strap that is connected to fitness, a heart rate sensor and a connected balance together in a package called AU HealthBox. The UA Band, the connected bracelet is waterproof and has a small screen (with unknown specifications) “that lights up during sports activities, without having to press a button.”

A heartbeat sensor, a balance and a strap connected at HTC

The AU Healthbox HTC will be sold well in France

Fossil Q54 Pilot

In recent months, Fossil is active in the market for connected watches. It was able to see a Fossil Q Founder under Android Wear, or a Q Fossil Grant, without touch screen but with connected features. The manufacturer took advantage of the Las Vegas show to present a Fossil Q54 Pilot, inspired by an existing model, which is likely to function as the Grant.

Fossil Q54 Pilot, a new watch without connected Android Wear

Samsung S2 Gear

Samsung has understood the potential of its Gear S2, one of the best watches of 2015, and now has two new colors for the product. We must therefore rely on a “pink gold” and a model “platinum” in 2016, for the “classic” version of the watch.

Two new “luxury” models for Samsung S2 Gear Classic

Huawei Watch and Jewel Elegant

The Chinese company also wants to expand its horizon and now offers two models Elegant and Jewel for Huawei Watch, which specifically target women. Products that are designed primarily to give a “fashion” aspect to a watch dedicated technophiles. We did not really convinced.

Huawei Elegant Watch and Jewel of connected watches “for women”

Shine 2, and Flash Link Misfit Ray

Speaking of “fashion” products, it’s a bit the credo of Misfit. The company has been busy since they are three devices that we could see at CES 2016. Finally, two of them were already known, the Misfit Shine 2 and Misfit Flash Link, but it has been the see more precisely with a video produced by our teams on site. But Misfit Misfit also presented the Ray, which is in the form of a cylinder 38 mm long and 12 mm in diameter, and can be worn either bracelet that necklace.

Misfit Ray, the cylindrical activity tracker

video discovery Misfit Shine 2 and Misfit Flash Link


The Japanese brand Casio already has a host of Bluetooth watches able to receive notifications, but today goes into high gear. She announced during the CES 2016 a WSD-F10 Outdoor Smart Watch on Android Wear, dedicated to sports and other hikers, with some features tailored to their use.

Casio chose the Android Wear option for his first real smartwatch

Getting to the Casio WSD-F10 on Android Wear, solid

Withings Go

Among the connected watches and bracelets of activities presented in number during this CES, hides a Withings Go that does not miss assets. This UFO in terms of design has the right idea to adorn an e-Ink screen, which gives it a higher than average battery life.

Withings Go, finally e-Ink screen on a cheap strap

Fitbit Blaze

Fitbit present during this CES 2016 its first “fitness shows.” Called Blaze, the device features for the first time at Fitbit a color touchscreen, which allows it to invite the less and less closed circle of watches both sports and urban.

The Fitbit Blaze, a laborious attempt to design shown

Alcatel OneTouch CareTime

Alcatel OneTouch took advantage of CES 2016 to unveil the CareTime, watch for children, but rather to reassure parents. 2G shows connected allows parents to send messages or make calls to their child. There is also a GPS chip that allows to know the child’s location and shows via a dedicated application.

Alcatel OneTouch CareTime, a watch connected to children

Razer Nabu Watch

Razer advantage of CES 2016 to unveil its new smart watch, the Razer Nabu Watch. In line with the strap Nabu X, she wants to be different and adapted to interact with other users.

Getting started with the Razer Nabu Watch, autonomy foremost

Razer Nabu Watch, a smart watch the colors of the brand