VR football broadcasts planned

Yet the system is not as lifelike as latest football video games.

T he games of the British Premier League should be possible to receive the start of the next season in Virtual Reality. The US company Virtually Live wants to establish a system which makes the football experience in virtual reality. 3D cameras capture to the action on the pitch, a computer calculates the associated animations of athletes.

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Animations instead live image

However, the movements performed by the players you do not want to transfer one by one into the VR world. Rather, the positions of the athletes are on the field and its position to the ball in the foreground. The VR simulation does not provide therefore the same experience as the live broadcast on television.

Visually like an old computer game?

Some delay, there will be also the makers, however, assume a maximum of six seconds. In return, VR for the viewer the opportunity to look around. A zooming and a change of position at any time. Graphically corresponds simulating a five to ten-year-old video game. For use in Germany, the system is not currently provided.

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