Voice Bridge allows to deport its fixed line on one or more smartphones

Swissvoice present at CES 2015 a small box called Voice Bridge. The principle is as simple as practical: smartphones allow a certain place (a house, office) to use the landline to make and take calls.

Bridge Voice is a box that allows users to receive and make calls on his landline from their smartphone or tablet. The company behind this case, Swissvoice has also taken the concept a step further and allows up to 5 devices to connect to a fixed line. It is thus possible to use their smartphone to participate in an ongoing conversation on the landline, or even use two smartphones in the same location to communicate without additional cost. Better, Voice Bridge also allows to integrate the fixed phone book directly into the smartphone or tablet. Finally, in case of traveling and receiving a call on fixed line functionality “Follow Me” allows to notify the user of incoming calls and displays the number and possibly the name of the caller.

If we are to believe the press Swissvoice, the Voice Bridge has a similar behavior of a fixed wireless phone. It uses a standard PSTN line to make calls. And if Voicecom specifies that no pairing WiFi or creating a user account is required to operate the unit, it is possible to connect the Voice Bridge to WiFi for additional functionality (not specifically identified in the Press release). In fact, it seems that this case acts as a small PBX redirecting SIP calls via the fixed line user. Something that already existed for years for businesses, but that was not (or little) available to the public.

Voice Bridge is expected in the first quarter for Apple smartphones and the second quarter of this year on Android, and will be sold 99 euros in Europe but also the US and South America.