VLC is finally on ChromeOS, through an Android app

ChromeOS users familiar refrain: “Unknown file type”. Things are going to change, since the Android version of VLC is there.

VideoLAN is still the reference on almost all platforms. It is not only the most widespread as Windows, Android, iOS or OS X, but also for Solaris, Haiku, ReactOS or Windows RT. Finally, Chrome OS and Chromebooks will not long resisted: an Android version has been placed on Chrome OS. CRA uses the rendering engine that allows running in Chrome APK, whether with a Chromebook or a PC running Windows or Linux as well as Mac OS X. We wrote a tutorial to explain the method which requires some adjustments of the code of Android apps. The team in charge of the VLC project explained its decision on porting Android version: the PPAPI architecture, NaCl or javascript limited the complete port.

Download VLC for Chrome OS