Virtual Reality: Coming soon the VR arcade? games

Located in virtual reality the future of casinos?

I n the eighties and nineties were Arcades mecca for video gamers. Because home computers and consoles not zoom submitted to the built-in arcade cabinet technology, gamers were only there to enjoy the graphical really breathtaking (for that time) games. But over time, gained the narrow home devices more and more the upper hand thanks to smaller components with more computing power waned, interest in the gambling halls. Suddenly bombastic graphic was no longer possible only thanks to the large arcade circuit boards but also with commercial PCs and consoles. ¬ĽAll Virtual reality glasses at a glance

But with the slow very clearly imminent virtual reality glasses, the arcade could celebrate an unexpected revival. Because not everyone can afford the rather high entry prices. The specialized on Virtual Reality Peripheral Distributor VR Junkies opened in the US already a first prototype of the new concept on 3×3 meters space can interested in a mall in Utah to seven games with a VR HTC Vive try. The price of the Preview is still relatively high – $ 25 example, you have to pay if you want to play for half an hour at a stretch. But the concept itself loudly operators to excellent. On opening weekend occupied curious quasi around the clock the small arcade booth.