Virgin Mobile will offer new “mobile internet 24 / 24h”

Yesterday, in the morning of 8 September, the French mobile operator Virgin Mobile has unveiled its business strategy and its new offerings for the autumn.

Currently OMEA TELECOM heart develops a network architecture that will offer the user total control of the sim card and complete control over the traffic routing. This new model will enable users to change host operator or using networks of several operators, which ensures economic independence which was created thanks to the 2 million new subscribers.

On the occasion of September, Virgin Mobile launches the cheapest offer on the market for access to mobile internet 24h / 24. In total, will be 6 new packages, with or without commitment at the same price, which will be implemented in September. The first offer starts at € 13.90 / month, there will be 45 minutes and 50 SMS communication, with the ability to access the Mobile Internet 24h / 24 to 3 € more or € 16.90 / month. Packages to € 16.90 and € 19.90 per month will receive 100 MB data, while the package at € 22.90 per month is entitled to 250MB in data.

Following, find detailed table with new offers

With that, Virgin Mobile launches “Happy Family”: A reduction of 3 € / month, valid from opening a second line within the same family, who will receive a second subscription at € 13.90 / month instead of € 16.90 / month, valid for offers with or without commitment. These offers should not be long to be displayed on the official website.