Virgin Mobile: The replica is called Free Mobile Extaz

Virgin Mobile has officially launched a new range of packages Extaz named. This is the second answer to Virgin Mobile, after launching packages dedicated to subscribers, here Extaz. Exatz is a range of packages for new subscribers, three packages with and without commitments. The first Full MVNO French preferred to leave the choice to the users with the old model where the operator is subsidizing your mobile subject to a 12 to 24 months, and the new model without engagement and mobile subsidy.

It’ll just take your calculator. For example, with the Galaxy S II white Available at 482 euros for Amazon FR.

Extaz S (4h) 15.99 * 24 + 482 = 865.76 euros

Extaz M (4h) 21.99 * 24 + 349 = 876.76 euros

Extaz XL (4h) 34.99 * 24 + 51 = 890.76 euros

Extaz million (all unlimited) 44.99 * 24 + 349 = 1428.76 EUR

Extaz XL (all unlimited) 57.99 * 24 + 51 = 1442.76

Free Mobile non-subscriber (all unlimited) to 19.99 * 24 + 482 = 961.76 euros

Free Mobile Free ADSL subscriber (all unlimited) to 15.99 * 24 + 482 = 865.76 euros

side network, Virgin Mobile is almost a full MVNO, tests are being made for a public deployment in late February. Which will allow it to rest on Orange and SFR networks. The situation should improve speed side, so Virgin Mobile has cards in hand … But no misstep is tolerated in this more competitive market than it has ever been.

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