Virgin Mobile ready to move in Bouygues Telecom for its 4G?

Virgin Mobile, the Full MVNO known for his aggressive offers and marketing campaigns very “animal” should be associated with third hexagonal operator as part of its entry into the world of 4G.

For now, Virgin Mobile grants the services of Orange and SFR to provide mobile network to its customers, while it takes over some infrastructure costs. The MVNO announced recently during the redesign of part of its subscriptions: 4G will arrive by next year in its catalog packages.

How to offer 4G when SFR and Orange engage battle for first place in the field of democratization of 4G? Call the third player in this field, Bouygues Telecom, which intends to equip a hundred hexagonal cities by 1 October 2013. According to Le Journal du Dimanche, “according to several sources close to both companies, Bouygues Telecom would be in pole position to win the contract to SFR and Orange, also approached by Virgin. ” Suffice to say that Virgin, the best-placed French MVNO despite a number of customers scaled back compared to the front-Free Mobile (but satisfactory financial results), the whole thing would not happen last field of the 4G, at a time when online offers of the main operators (B & You, Sosh and others) are preparing to take advantage of advanced operator network that host.

Bouygues Telecom, previously refractory to the principle of MVNOs on its 3G network, the deal could be a financial windfall: the JDD believes the transaction to “several million euros”. If such a contract is not required to repay the cost of Bouygues Telecom, it could allow him to enable the deployment of its 4G, though it may seem cheaper than its competitors, since ARCEP has authorized to reallocate 2G antennas to the new network, however, entails particularly high costs. Do not forget that this is a race to cover almost all of the population and that to meet this goal, all means are good. If the contract turns out indeed, it certainly will not be Virgin Mobile who’s complaining.