Virgin Mobile launches package to 9.99 euros

After B & YOU and package to 9.99 euros / month unlimited everything (and 20 MB of data), Free and package 2 euros / month, the first alternative operator FullMVNO has unveiled the package to 9.99 euros with the ‘unlimited…

Free (Iliad) has revised its offer to 2 euros / month this morning that has not stopped Virgin Mobile to announce the time its offer to 9.99 euros / month with unlimited calls and SMS and 100 MB Internet the additional MB is charged at the same price as B & YOU: € 0.05 / MB. For cons, the Virgin Mobile package offers only 3G (384 kbps) while Free Mobile, Prixtel, Zero Forfait, B & YOU, Sosh – offer 3G + and H + according to the same operators.

To compare, Joe Mobile (SFR) is $ 15 / month for unlimited calls, sms / mms unlimited and 1GB of data. Without overtaking, without obligation. Sosh (Orange) also has a similar package.

Operators engage a real price war. Who will be able to resist?