Virgin Mobile forget reduction sale-privee in February

UPDATE: Virgin Mobile has just informed its customers that the next two months – March and April – will be 15 euros. VM thus offers a month to correct the billing error!

There is almost a year Vente-privee and Virgin Mobile have offered two packages without SIM LIBERTY commitments to 50% and all good things must end, and even ahead!

The end of this reduction is close (February or March as the date of subscription / activation) and there like a failure for the past month. The reduction does not apply. We contacted Virgin Mobile. They are aware of this error. They would not able to say whether it is your customers contact customer service or the reverse for a refund. Free number to the customer service is available on our forum. Remember also to request the change to the new special package “Free” Virgin Mobile. They are reserved for former subscribers, better and better markets than those offered last year on sales-private.