Virgin Mobile adjusts to market by launching the Idol deals

The first French FullMVNO decided to go on the offensive, with the menu: price reductions and improving the data flow!

The standard now: package to 19.90 euros / month unlimited everything

Virgin Mobile does seem put order in its different ranges to start this new year. Today, the first French MNVO launch the new range Idol and various novelties. Virgin Mobile is a FullMVNO few months, you can finally benefit from this advantage on the operator’s packages.

Indeed, Virgin Mobile is the first operator to offer multiple roaming (multiroaming) to enjoy the “best” networks like Orange and SFR. Virgin Mobile calls this option “network change”, which can be seen as a competitive advantage, since they are the only ones to offer that today.

The other good news is that Virgin Mobile has started to communicate more effectively on flows “networks.” We now know that “our VM package” will be compatible 3G or 3G +. Unfortunately, no network H + or 4G currently.

Virgin Mobile also offers unlimited calls to overseas as its competitors. And finally, one of the specificities of Virgin Mobile is able to adapt his package based on the commitment made when purchasing a subsidized smartphone: S, M and XL.

In short, a little more clarity, aligned price but no real pressure on prices. When I said that MVNOs are far from endangered species …