Videoconferencing Canadian Liberals chopped

A hacker has also joined in videoconferences the ruling party of Quebec. Partly he could reveal government secrets …

T he just left again good: the PLQ (Quebec Liberal Party) is the self-proclaimed liberal party in the Canadian province of Quebec, thematically as a mixture of FDP and CSU. Laptops and lederhosen are also there along well and then the party leadership likes to meet in the area of ​​land once virtually: by videoconference. In this video conferencing, a hacker was able to infiltrate, the eavesdrop, record and tap into even the cameras. The good news: The Hacker recorded the Le Journal de Montréal, a “White Hat”, so one of the good. He has reported the security hole found by chance the party and pass the tapped sound and pictures. So all is well? Not at all. The slump, the anonymous hacker, “was too easy.” The video conference system was still closed with the admin password defined by the manufacturer, old vulnerabilities unpatched. Considering this is the PLQ in Quebec ruling party, that’s gross negligence. The hacker could solve mysteries galore!

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Ridicule from Germany? Better not…

Schadenfreude is near there, but is not attached. Because almost a year could tap data in almost any unknown criminals from the Bundestag. In Germany, computer security is still a marginal issue – that should not continue. Just start by the Internet of Things and conquered the household. In the current state of computer security we are all vulnerable, aware than many: Everyone can well imagine what cybercriminals could wreak so everything (ed).

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