Video: What is the best GPS application for Android and iOS?

Waze, Google Maps, Here WeGo, TomTom Go and iCoyote: you hesitate between these applications and you wonder what is the best GPS application for the car? We tried five applications available on Android and iOS and we will deliver our opinion.

It is always difficult to choose a GPS application for drive routes since many players have entered the market since the release of smartphones, more convenient and efficient than standalone GPS aging to hold on to his windshield. We performed a selection of five GPS applications most used: Waze, Google Maps, Here WeGo (formerly Here), TomTom Go and finally iCoyote. We thus note the presence of two to three paid apps free applications. Discover Video our feelings on these five applications tested in the streets of Paris.

Waze: the most comprehensive app

For the impatient, we note that Waze is the application that gave us the most satisfaction in being free, with a good algorithm for routing and reliable traffic information. If you are going abroad and looking for an application that will not use data, Here WeGo is recommended. Finally, for those who want to avoid the radars will turn to iCoyote paid application, very powerful this little play.

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