Video: Our discovery of Android N Preview

To everyone’s surprise, Google rolled out this Wednesday the first version of Android N Preview, the preview of the next major update of the system. After a few hours of use, we could take a tour of the main innovations in this release.

Nobody expected before the Google I / O in May, yet Android N is definitely there, in beta anyway, the final deployment being planned for this summer, and for selected terminals only. Coupon short the rumors directly: no, the application drawer has not disappeared. Not yet at least. Other changes are nevertheless present.

Among the most glaring and most often cited, we can mention the emergence of a multi-window mode, as on some devices from Samsung, for example, and an overhaul of the notifications panel and Quick Settings. The parameters have also been also entitled to a youthful, signing the appearance of some new much more discrete.

For more details, see our written grip, or the video below

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