Version 2 of the Polar Loop lets see its notifications

Polar is with Garmin, a specialist equipment connected to sports boarding chip GPS and heart rate monitors. Two years after the release of his first bracelet connected, the Loop, he announced the Loop 2 and noticeable improvements.

Loop 2 will be available in pink, white and black

In the beginning there was the Loop, the first bracelet tracker Polar activity in either black, blue night and blueberry. Now there will be the Loop 2, pink, white or black. A more feminine intention this time in the choice of colors for a bracelet that, unlike its predecessor, will show some basic notifications lines (calls, SMS, calendar) and more data about the steps and calories burned, again thanks a LED display. However, still no heart rate sensor integration on the menu, it will be necessary to bring a belt with additional sensors. The Loop 2 remains resistant to 20 meters.

This bracelet will be available in Polar from September 2015 at a price of 119 euros, against 80 for the Loop first name. Depending on the use, autonomy is estimated between 3 and 8 days.

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