USB drives: Memory bird against usbdisk

Slowly but surely, portable hard drives are a place among the removable storage media. About the size of a lighter or a highlighter, they can transfer from one PC to another, between 16 and several hundred megabytes of data, be it text, sound, images or video. What relegate the disk to the rank of antiquity.

These portable portable hard drives operating at the standard USB 1.1 or 2.0 are also incomparably more swift than floppy disks. And, like the latter, they do not require the installation of any driver since the operating system is used such as Windows Me, 2000 or XP.

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Fujitsu Siemens MEMORYBIRD

This external storage unit attracts attention by its appearance, its small size and its …

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Test performed on 23/10/2001

Legend QDI usbdisk

Removable storage unit, the usbdisk plugs into the USB port and has a capacity of 32 MB …

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Test performed on 17/05/2002