Update Required for Windows Live Mail 2012

Users manager emails Windows Live Evil 2012 must carry out an update to continue using it.

Published in August 2012, during the fifth wave of updates to Windows Live Essentials, Windows Live Mail e-mail client requires a minimum of Windows 7. This correspondence manager proposes to set up multiple e-mail addresses, including with support native Microsoft accounts.

Windows Live Mail as a free alternative to Microsoft Outlook and loads more features that new customers introduced in Windows 10 or Windows 8.x sporting a more refined style. In fact, the application still has a significant user base.

According to the Central site specializing Windows, Microsoft sent a notification to the software aficionados explaining that it will soon be necessary to perform an update to continue using a Microsoft account.

The company says this: “In a few weeks, we will make several changes to our mail services which could affect your @outlook account @hotmail, @live or @ msn. These changes will prevent your emails from being routed correctly to Windows Live Mail 2012 “.

Microsoft adds that it must now apply the update for Windows Live Mail (KB3093594).

We imagine that Microsoft finally prepares to migrate Outlook mail to Outlook.com, which was announced in May. As a reminder, all Microsoft will migrate accounts to the platform for Outlook Web Access. Webmail will accommodate extensions, view documents while allowing them to edit and have new sorting capabilities.

Download Windows Live Mail for Windows.

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