unsuitable Oculus Rift for Macs

The VR-glasses Oculus Rift to ensure open mouths.

W he would immerse with Oculus Rift in VR worlds, requires a powerful computer. Apple Macs are not suitable according Oculus founder Palmer Luckey. The graphics performance falls too low in all Mac computers. Even AMD FirePro D700 graphics card in an expensive Mac Pro provides the VR images for both eyes is not fast enough.

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VR alternative of Apple?

Only with a powerful graphics card also Macs for Oculus Rift would be suitable. However rumored Apple is working itself to a VR glasses that then probably also comes on Macs used.

Benchmark provides clarity

Virtual Reality requires not only high resolutions (1080×1200 pixels per eye), but also a high frame rate. With essential test can find out if you and your computer working fast enough for Oculus Rift or the competing product HTC Vive. The VR-glasses Oculus published in July 2016 and will cost 741 euros including shipping.

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