Unreal Engine 3 supports Adobe Flash Player games

What It Looks Like: The Unreal Engine 3 running in Adobe Flash Player.

E pic Games can burst a new graphics Bomb: The powerful Unreal Engine 3 (UE3) now supports the Flash Player from Adobe. This should provide visually demanding games in the browser on Mac and PC. The qualities of UE3 can admire, among other things, in the pretty Xbox 360 exclusive title “Gears of War 3”. The similarly potent graphics routines Tech 5 ( “Rage”), Cryengine 3 ( “Crysis 2”) and Frostbite 2 ( “Battlefield 3”) do not offer Flash support. Browser games rely more on other solutions: “Star Trek – Infinite Space” operates as a modified version of Unity3D. (Rk)

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